At AXTS we pride ourselves bringing ground breaking innovative designs to you the discerning shooter. From accessories to upgrade a rifle like the Raptor Charging Handle, to the Talon 45/90 Safety Selector, to the A-DAC and other intuitive ambidextrous controls in the MI-T556 precision carbine. This innovative drive has led to designs that have been awarded numerous patents with more to come.


At AXTS we take pride in the fact that we machine our parts in house and to standards of dimensional tolerance, fit and finish, rarely seen in the firearms industry. Ask any of our customers that use our products day in and day out about them, and their appreciation for the quality of product they received will be evident. We stand behind our products 100% guaranteeing them for life.


We feel our future as a company will be bright as long as we continue to anticipate and develop products and weapons systems that can effectively meet the needs of real world shooters no matter how strenuous the task. Whether they be special operations or the civilian looking to arm himself with the best tools money can buy.


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